School is OPEN (at the normal times). Dear Parents/Carers and Colleagues, I have been notified by a parent about the following, worrying information: Some school children in the UK are suffocating other pupils as part of a dangerous craze that has left at least one child in hospital and prompted a warning from police. The 'Sleeper' prank involves one child covering the mouth and nose of a younger pupil until they pass out from lack of oxygen. Police say the craze is potentially fatal and that one child - believed to be eight years old - was being treated in hospital after being targeted. A warning posted Greater Manchester Police North on their Facebook page said: "Attention all parents/guardians. We have received reports of a new craze called 'Sleeper'. "This involves children completely covering the mouth and noses of younger children until they completely pass out. "This is extremely dangerous. A child is currently in hospital being treated after falling victim to this game. "Please advise every child you know and warn them of the dangers. This could easily lead to concussion or even death." (Sky News Website) We have seen none of the above types of behaviour here at Peel Park but for the purposes of safeguarding and protecting your children I wanted to share this information with you asap. If you see any of these behaviours (above) or hear your child or other children talking about it, please take action.

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