Construction of the Geography Curriculum

We believe it is important that the pupils of Peel Park learn about the world around them and their place in it. Pupils will study, understand and develop a curiosity about the world and the  people in it. We believe it is important that children develop a sound base of knowledge and geographical skills (such as map reading). Pupils are then given the opportunity to showcase this knowledge through investigations, fieldwork and essay writing where they are given the opportunity to answer challenging  enquiry questions. We want our pupils to become ‘Geographers’ building their understanding through their work in class; educational visits and fieldwork.

Ambition of our Curriculum

Our ambition is that children experience Geography first hand rather than through text books or presentations only. Our Geography curriculum aims to give children a broad understanding of the world outside of the classroom, expanding their horizons. First to the many opportunities in the local environment through river studies, exploring the history of our canals and their importance in our milling history on to other places in the UK, before moving on to the wider world. The overall ambition for our children is that they cover a wide range of geographical aspects from local to global and to become increasingly aware of key features, whilst becoming expertly skilled in the scrutiny, comparison and investigation of Geography through tangible learning opportunities. Geography should be an opportunity for our children to connect with their environment, for them to connect with people and places that are similar to where they live and for them to connect with people and places that are different. Through these connections, children will develop an understanding of the complex world in which we live, appreciating differences and celebrating our richly diverse and varied world


In line with other curriculum areas, each year group studies a different area of geography. Geography is, by nature an investigative subject and our curriculum has been carefully sequenced to enable pupils to gradually widen their sense of scale from their immediate geography to the global. Key aspects of learning are taken from the National Curriculum and mapped across each year group with vocabulary banks that are specific to that individual year group. Throughout the year groups, to reinforce children’s understanding, they are given ample opportunities to immerse within real life Geography through fieldwork; which is supported by class trips and excursions.