Help with my child's Learning

Helping my Child with their Learning

From birth to the age of 19 a child will spend just 19% of their time in school. When I first heard this fact I was astounded and amazed. I believe this highlights just how important the input and encouragement from parents and carers is for the progress and attainment of our children's learning.

Below is a list of websites that you may find useful when trying to help your child with their learning.

REMEMBER! There is no better way of helping your child with their learning than by:

1. Encouraging and praising your child for ANY efforts they make with learning at school and at home.

2. At home, be creative! I'd encourage you to try and not 'force' your child(ren) to sit down at a desk/table trying to get them to carry out long and sustained academic exercises, such as completing pages and pages of calculations and/or inane story writing. Instead, try to make the work they do interactive, exciting and based in the 'real world', such as writing a shopping list with them, talking with your child about situations and asking about their thoughts and feelings, such as healthy eating or recycling, adding up numbers on car number plates, measuring out amounts of liquids and ingredients for cooking etc.  Remember, your child sits at a desk and completes a certain amount of formal work every day at school; more of the same at home may switch your child off to learning....

3. Making an appointment to speak with your child's class teacher and asking them what you can do to help at home. Every child in our school has their very own assessment file called either an EYFS profile or APP (Assessing Pupil Progress). These can be viewed and shared at any time and are updated on a very regular basis, e.g. Weekly.

Possible helpful websites (please copy and paste the following web addresses into your web browser  address bar):   (This website has lots of free content but does charge for full access).

If you have any other websites that you can recommend or share with us then please email me with them.


Mr Mason-Edwards


Please click on the below link to visit our Curriculum Newsletters page where you will see what your child has been learning/will be learning at school: