Online Safety - Guidance for Parents

Online Safety
The safeguarding of our children is extremely important and this includes ensuring our children stay safe when they are online. This involves the use of apps, online games, social media and any other online platform. Below we have provided you with downloadable documents containing information on various aspects of online safety - please feel free to download these and read them.
App Store Online Safety Guide
The below document includes information for parents from the National Online Safety team. It includes age restrictions for apps and much more information.
Fifa Parents Guide
Fifa is a football game suitable for all ages, however, the in game chat functions allow risk of children being subjected to inappropriate language. Please find below all information regarding Fifa and what you can do to keep your child safe if they play Fifa online.
Instagram Online Safety Guide
Instagram is a social media platform which involves users creating an account and sharing pictures and videos online with other users. The platform also has a chat feature which poses a number for risks to children and makes them very vulnerable. The age rating for Instagram is 13 - please click on the below leaflet for further information.
Minecraft Parents Guide
Minecraft is a game where users build three-dimensional worlds with virtual building blocks in a digital, pixelated landscape. Minecraft has an age restriction of 10+. Please download the below leaflet for further information.
Snapchat Parents Guide
Snapchat is a photo/video sharing app which also allows users to chat with other people. The age rating for Snapchat is 13+ and features within the app can pose a risk to a user's online safety if steps aren't taken to stay safe. For further information, please download the leaflet below.
TikTok Parents Guide
TikTok is an online video community where users create, share and discover 'funny and memorable moments' via short video clips. TikTok has an age restriction of 13+ and, like other online platforms, can pose a risk to children's online safety. Please see the below link for more information.
Youtube Parents Guide
Youtube is a video sharing platform that enables users to upload, view, rate, share and comment on a wide variety of videos. The platform has an age restriction of 13+. For further information, please download the below leaflet.
Fortnite Parents Guide
Fortnite is a shooting game suitable for children aged 12 and over. This is an online game played against other players which opens up a number of risks to children who play. Below is an information document which gives parents information about the game and tips on keeping their child/children safe whilst they play Fortnite online.
Guide to Age Ratings
Age ratings are age restrictions that are given to games which mean that the game is unsuitable for children under the age specified. This is because the game will have unsuitable content such as violence or inappropriate language. Please read the below leaflet for further information about age ratings.
Live Streaming Parents Guide
Live streaming is a term used for the broadcast of a real life time video from a mobile device, tablet or games console. Many apps have the facility for live streaming and each one poses a significant risk to children. Many of the apps have an age rating of 13+ - please see further information in the below leaflet.
Roblox Parents Guide
Roblox is a multi-player online gaming platform which allows children to play and create a variety of games in a 3D world. It is free to play but has an age restriction of 13+. Please see the below leaflet for more information.
Talking to Your Children
In order to keep our children safe whilst they are online; it is important to know what games and information they access. The best way to do this is by talking to your child regularly about their online activity and what types of things they like to access. The below leaflet has information to help parents discuss online activity with their children.
WhatsApp Parents Guide
WhatsApp is an encrypted messenger app that can be downloaded to smartphones. The app has an age rating of 16+ and allows users to send text messages, documents, videos and make voice and video calls. The below information provides you with all you need to know about Whatsapp.