Reading is THE most important skill we teach at Peel Park.  If a person can read then they are able to access the world.

Please see the attached sheet for ideas on how to help your child improve their reading.  Parents/carers should be prepared to put in both the time and effort into helping their child practice their reading.  In my vast experience those parents/carers who do put in the time and effort almost always see the rewards, e.g. their children usually do much better and are more successful at school.

Your child's class teacher will always be able to tell you what 'next steps' your child needs to work on to improve their reading skills, i.e. what they are working on in school.

The following website is a good resource for children to help with reading at home. It has over 250 (colour banded) ebooks that can be read or listened to. It is completely free but you have to register an email address.

Here is the website:

Here is the specific page for the website: