Just a reminder that it is CRUCIAL that you inform school before 9.00 if your child is going to be absent. Registers are a legal document and it is vital that we complete these accurately. Failure to inform school of your child's absence will result in a phone call/ text from us and may result in a home visit by the Education Social Worker. 
Please be aware that if you do not  notify school of any an absence it will be classed as unauthorised and could result in a fixed penalty. It is your responsibility to keep us updated daily if your child is absent from school. We can have over 30 phone calls to make to chase up absence from school, this is extremely time consuming for Mrs Khan (Parental Involvement & Engagement Officer) when she could be dealing with other things.
It is important that we work together to continue to improve school attendance. Please also be aware that we expect ALL children to attend school EVERY DAY. We have noticed that Fridays seem to be the worst day for school attendance and this needs to change. We will be monitoring this closely after the half term break.