Curriculum Intent


Our bespoke curriculum intends to create individuals who are open-minded, confident and ambitious.

Through a varied and representative curriculum, children will understand different perspectives and interpretations of history. They will learn to respect and develop empathy for others, by enquiring and learning key lessons about the past, ranging from diverse topics such as a study of Fu Hao (the first female head of the army in the Shang Dynasty), to the ethics of Sit Titus Salt (during Industrial Revolution) and to the causes and legacy of The Partition of India. 

Pupils will be encouraged to develop communication skills through debate, and substantiating their opinions with historical subject knowledge. With a layered focus on personal, local, national and global identity, children will develop self-confidence and an understanding of who they are and their multiples heritages.

By studying a range of significant individuals (such as Boudica, Noor Inayat Khan and Floella Benjamin), pupils will be inspired to recognize and question “success” and “significance”. Through the development of historical skills (such as source analysis, comparing and contrasting, consider cause and effect), pupils will be equipped with the critical skills to follow and broaden their own ambitions/ career path. The curriculum enrichment (through trips and workshops) will widen pupils’ experience and contribute to this sense of ambition.