Curriculum Intent


At Peel Park Primary School, we intend to build a geographical curriculum that develops learning of knowledge of the pupils' world around them so that they know more, remember more and understand more. To build a geographical curriculum that endorses the importance for outdoor learning to build a curiosity for learning. Geography is a key skill for life and our curriculum is designed to build the knowledge and skills children need to know about their local area, their country and the wider world. We aim to widen children’s horizon to other parts of the country and world that they may not otherwise be aware of. Key skills of map reading, and compass skills are built upon throughout the school. At Peel Park Primary School, pupils will 'Think like a Geographer.' This phrase captures how pupils use what they know from one context to another, think about alternative futures and consider their influence on decisions that will be made. Geography enables all children in our school to have a better understanding of the factors that have shaped our local environment as well as the wider world.