Curriculum Intent


At Peel Park Primary school we aim to provide a broad and balanced computing curriculum which covers digital literacy, computer science, and online safety. We use a range of online learning tools, applications and software that are used throughout the curriculum. We also use a range of physical computing devices including robots, BeeBots, micro:bits and other handheld technologies. We have devices such as range of computers, iPads and other technologies which is accessible to all pupils. This is used to teach computing, encourage independent learning, and to provide pupils with an environment in which to explore and develop their understanding of computing and coding. We ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to learn about, use and explore technology in a safe and secure environment supported by effective safeguarding measures. We provide pupils with the skills and knowledge they need to use technology confidently and safely. We recognise the importance of computing in the modern world and seek to ensure that our pupils develop the skills, knowledge and understanding required to be successful citizens of the 21st century.