Safeguarding and Child Protection

We all have a collective responsibility to keep the children of our community safe and free from harm.

If you feel that there is a child or children living in our community who you feel is/are suffering from harm or at risk from harm then please come in and speak with one of our named Child Protection workers, listed below:

Mrs Andrea Grist (Headteacher)

Mrs Heather Hutchinson (Deputy Head & Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs K Noble (Designated Safeguarding Lead & The Grove Teacher)

Mrs P Varley (Y3 Teacher & LKS2 Leader)

Mrs S Hunt (Assistant Headteacher for SEND)

Mrs Y Khan (Parental Involvement & Engagement Officer)

By doing this you are helping to care for the children in our community and following the correct procedures.

The health, safety, well-being and safeguarding of our children is THE most important and basic provision that we first make, in our school.  If children are well cared for, clean, free from stress or worries then they are then ready to learn.

As well as every child having a class teacher in school, we have a dedicated and professional team of pastoral support staff who can help teachers and families alike to achieve better outcomes for our children and break down potential barriers to learning.

In the past we have helped with a vast array of issues and problems, including, for example:

- finding emergency accomodation for families

- help in completing forms from the DWP and social services

- support for both parents when experiencing divorce and/or custody cases

- facilitating some of our poorest families with obtaining new home furnishings and safety devices, such as smoke alarms

- helping families/children when applying for British Citizenship (we do not and cannot determine the outcome of these applications)

- completing and countersigning passports (for a £5 fee)

- attending meetings (at the request of parents/carers) with social services, GPs, speech therapists etc

These are just a few of the ways which our pastoral team go that extra mile to help our children and their families.

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