The Local Authority Admissions Team process all admissions to Peel Park main school and also the appeals procedure for these admissions. Admissions to the Nursery are processed by the school itself.


Advice and guidance is offered to parents and other agencies regarding the availability of school places and all other admission and appeal related enquiries.


The team also provides advice and guidance concerning current and new legislation relating to admissions and ensures that statutory responsibilities are carried out in accordance with the schools admission and appeal codes.


The telephone number for the Admissions Team is 01274 439200.


You can find further details, guidelines and the Local Authority Policy for School Admissions by clicking here


For further information relating to our school, please click the below link to be re-directed to our admissions policy page:

Statutory consultation on the proposed reduction in Published Admission Number for Peel Park Primary School for the 2023/24 academic year.
Please find attached letter explaining the process, and any responses should be sent to school by Tuesday 14th December.