Meet our Governing Board

   Who are the Governors at Peel Park?

     Peel Park Governor List.

       Peel Park Primary School and Nursery

       Governing Board

      2021 - 2022 


     Headteacher:  Mrs A Grist

       Chair of Governors: Mrs Raj Unsworth

       Mrs Jackie Walters (Joint Vice Chair) (Chair of Finance & HR Resources Committee)

       Mrs Shazia Naqvi (Parent Governor and Joint Vice Chair)

            Miss Tanzila Samun (Community Governor)

      Miss Sarah Parker (Parent Governor)

      Mrs Anne Newton (Community Governor)

    Mrs Robyn Docherty (Staff Governor)

     Mrs Diana Bagrin (Parent Governor)





Clerk to the Governing Board: Mrs Celine Moriarty

Any member of the Governing Board can be contacted on their school email address (first or via letter to the school address.

If the contents of the email or letter are confidential then please mark the email or letter as such and only the named recipient will open and view the letter/email.

Governing Board Structure

Our Governing Board is split into two committees, full governing board and finance and human resources. 

The following governors sit on the finance and human resources committee: Raj Unsworth, Jackie Walters (Chair of Finance and HR Committee), Shazia Naqvi, Tanzila Samun and Anne Newton.

All governors sit on the full governing board.

Governor Declarations of Interest
2020 - 2021
2019 - 2020
Governor Pen Portraits