Parent Views

Over the last few years we have made massive improvements to Peel Park Primary School and Nursery, some of which were initiated by feedback from parents/carers.  Here are a few examples:

Please could we have another path from Otley Road down to the school ? (May 2011)

The footpath from the main Otley Rd down through the Forest School and into the main KS2 Playground was installed and opened in September 2013. 

I would like more information about the progress my child is making in school and what I can do at home to help.

All parents/carers can now see their child's class teacher in the morning because we began lining the children up on the playground before we bring them in.  Moreover, every teacher now has a works email address that parents/carers can use to contact their chidl's class teacher to dicsuss progress (January 2013).  As well as these we hold parents evenigs x 3 per year.

I would like to be able to meet with other parents of children and talk with them.

We now hold a regular and popular coffee morning every week.  The days can sometimes change so please contact Mrs Khan and/or Mr Simpson for further details.

When you change the school uniform can the children in KS1 wear the white polo shirt as well as the green one (May 2014).

This was a written suggestion from a parent and was granted.

If you have any further requests and/or suggestions please email them to:

or see me in the playgrounds in the morning.

Thank you.
Parents/carers are also invited to rate our school via the Ofsted website and give their views: